Friday, 13 April 2012

HELLO! Is There Anybody Out There...?

Hello Anyone who may be reading this!

Today I reached 2000 YouTube channel views (WOOP) and decided I'd start my very own blog. Now, I know 2000 isn't a lot in comparison with some of the YouTube Mega stars but for me, a girl from a small town somewhere in's pretty good!

So, I guess I shoould start by telling you a little about myself...

I'm Melanie
I'm 23
I study BA Integrated Public Service at University
I have 2 beautiful bubbas
I love making YouTube videos
I love MAC
I love all things coral
I love music
I love early nights
I love food

There is a lot of other stuff I am, I like and I don't like but if you keep reading (and watching my YouTube channel!) then you will find that out along the way.

I have exciting news!!! EEEK!!!

So! The first thing I do every morning is check my emails, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (just incase anything exciting happened whilst I was asleep, ya know?!) Well this morning something exciting DID happen! I received an email from the wonderful folks at YouTube who invited me to be a partner! This is all because my video about Ciate Caviar Manicure has become increasingly popular! This means that they will now place ads on my videos which will make YouTube money and if I get a certain number of views I have the opportunity to make some pennies too (I don't know how much but I know from other 'beauty gurus' that it's not a lot) I am so excited! I only started making videos about 3 weeks ago now and I never imagined this would happened! I realise I don't have the most subscribers or views but I only make videos because I wanted a hobby and have watched other gurus for years. I have a passion for all things beauty and fashion so this is an added bonus! It would be great if my channel was to become a mega success but if it doesn't I will still continue to make videos for as long as I enjoy doing it and other YouTubers enjoy watching them.
So a HUGE thank you to all of my subscribers and to those who have viewed my videos. This would never of happened if it wasn't for you amazing people!

This is a link to the video which made this possible...go check it out!